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COVID-19 update from our Alternative Team


At Alternative, this core value will be our focus for the foreseeable future, as we face daily uncertainties around Covid-19 together.

As we prepare to launch into our season of 2020, our team is dedicated to managing exposure to illness, and we commit to a client experience beyond expectations.

How are we doing that? It comes down to embracing necessary change. We see change as an opportunity to grow, to combat new challenges and adapt accordingly. This is what we’re changing as we enter the landscape season, in support of global efforts to contain this disease, and to serve you better:

1. We remain available to serve you by phone, email and video chat. Our Sales Team for Landscaping, Excavation and Heartland can be reached at 204-727-7289 Ext 110, our Greenhouse team can be reached at 204-727-7289 Ext 125 Our Sales Team for Maintenance (snow,lawn,gardening) 204-727-7289 Ext 115

We do have a few Office & Garden Center staff working to prepare our upcoming season, planting is happening in our greenhouse for the time being, our office and Garden Center will be closed to the public, but we welcome hearing from you via all other channels!

2. We will continue to make site visits to provide outdoor solutions and build proposals. We’ll stay outside together in the fresh air, and greet each other without the traditional handshake!

3. We remain relentlessly committed to health and safety. We will confirm both client and crew health prior to every project. We respect the restrictions on travel isolation. We also continue to monitor the situation and respond rapidly as news updates evolve.

When it comes to our upcoming projects, we’re optimistic about getting started at our normal time frame. With warm weather approaching, we have high hopes for a mid/end April Start. We know that spending time outdoors is one of the healthiest things we can all be doing. We’re very fortunate at Alternative Landscaping to be able to do this every day, and we can’t wait to get started on your property this year.

God bless to you and your families, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Chris & Karin Griffin


Alternative Landscaping Ltd


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