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All returned merchandise must be in saleable condition. All returned plants must be in good health, subject to approval.

Return Policy for Gift Shop Merchandise:

If merchandise is returned within 14 days a full refund will be given, or if returned within 15 – 28 days a store credit will be given. A 15% restocking fee may apply at our discretion.

Return Policy for Bulk Material:

We do not accept returns on bulk materials.  Any materials custom cut (pod liner, landscape fabric etc) is non-refundable.

Return Policy for Block Product

Un-cut damage free block may be returned during the same calendar year.  Block products sold by the pallet or full layer can only be returned if complete. A 15% restocking fee may apply at our discretion. Block that has been cut by us in non-refundable.

 Indoor Plants

Once they have left our care, indoor plants, flowering plants, Bonsai, air plants, patio tropicals and citrus are not warrantied. Indoor plants can be returned within 14 days for store credit, subject to approval. No refunds. If returning your plant in temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius, kindly wrap it for the trip back to us. (A garbage bag or the paper it was wrapped in will suffice).

Return Policy for Outdoor Plants:

Once they have left our care, annuals, perennials, sod can not be returned.  See warranty information below.



Trees & Shrubs

We warrant potted deciduous & evergreen plant material  classified as Zone 1-3 according to the USDA/Agriculture Canada growing zones. All sale, discount items, perennials & caliper trees do not carry a warranty.

NO WARRANTY will be issued prior to June 10th the following year. No in season warranty as warranty covers winter hardiness only.

Warranty holds no cash value.

We will replace 50% of the value spent (before taxes) on the original purchase ONE TIME ONLY.  Warranty material can be replaced with like plant material.  Warranty holds NO cash value. Full fact sheet can be seen here.


  • defects must be reported the day of delivery or pick up.

  • Sod is not warranted unless all the conditions below are met, the sod area is prepped by Alternative Landscaping and laid by Alternative Landscaping:

  • The first 72 hours after your new sod is laid is the most critical time for your new sod

  • Deep watering so that when you lift sod edges it is nice and damp (at least once per day) for 2 weeks

  • Continue with watering on a regular basis to insure your newly sodded area stays lush and green

  • In weather above 20 degrees water twice a day

  • Early morning watering and late evening is suggested

  • We also suggest not to cut for 2-3 weeks (to promote joints to join nicely)

  • The first cut to you newly sodded area, use your mower on the highest level, cut like this for 4-6 weeks

  • Bring down levels slowly every 2 weeks until regular level is reached

  • Do not fertilize for at least 6 weeks depending on the time of year of the installation, sod is pre-fertilized

  • Continue with watering on a regular basis to insure your newly sodded area stays lush and green

  • After you wait for six weeks with no fertilizer, you can start to fertilize on a regular fertilizing schedule

See our Sod care sheet here.


Gift Cards are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-replaceable if lost or stolen. We are unable to accept items that are purchased on Final Sale for return or exchange.



If you are not satisfied with your purchase or experience for any reason, please let us know so we can take care of you!

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