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Molly's Aroid Mix is a soil free potting mix for tropical and other indoor plants that prefer a chunky, well-aerated and fast-draining mix that doesn't stay too wet after watering. Molly's Aroid Mix is ideal for Pothos, Alocasia, Ficus, Palm, Fiddle Leaf, Anthurium, Calathea, Aglaonema, Monstera, Philodendron, and other tropical and indoor plants. * Helps prevent yellowing leaves, brown spots, and root rot: Chunky, well-aerated, drains quickly, resists compaction, and reduces the risk of over-watering and root rot.  * Free of fertilizer, soil-borne pests, and disease: As a soil free potting mix, Molly's Aroid Mix is a cleaner alternative to soil-based potting mixes, providing better airflow around root systems and draining quicker after each watering.

veryplants Molly's Aroid Mix for Soilless Potting, 5.5L

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