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The first step of the U-Cann™ Grow System for healthy, vibrant, high yielding organic cannabis plants is U-Cann™ Primal Earth™. It is the finest, most complete, nutrient dense, organic super soil on the market. Planting in Primal Earth™ will provide your cannabis plants all the nutrients required to initiate optimal vitality. Your plants will be the strongest they can be – to grow, thrive, and provide you with the buds you’re ultimately striving for.

After harvest, your used Primal Earth™ still has value and can be re-purposed in your vegetable, flower or community garden! Primal Earth™ – the soil that keeps on giving.

U-cann Primal Earth Soil (40L)

SKU: 0678662880232
  • Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

    • Total Nitrogen (N):  0.40%
    • Available phosphoric acid (P2O5): 0.20%
    • Soluble potash (K2O): 0.20%

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