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Prayer plants boast beautiful, broad leaves with variegated shades of green, but here’s what’s really special about them: At dusk, the leaves fold together, as if in prayer. They open again with the morning light, sometimes with a faint rustle. Prayer plants (also called Maranta) require specific care, but when they receive it, they are happy and showy additions to your plant collection.


This plant is considered toxic to pets & people. 

Maranta Prayer Plant Red, 7.5" Hanging Basket

SKU: 547667003075
  • LOW LIGHT: East or north exposure, room interior. Does not require any direct sun, will survive in filtered light.

    CARE: Keep soil evenly moist. Avoid dry, blowing air. Keep humidity high. When the is not enough light (at night) the leaves close

    BLOOM TIME: Grown for foliage

    MATURE HEIGHT: 12-28”

    MATURE WIDTH: 9-12”


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