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LIGHT: Prefers moderate to bright indirect sunlight. Keep them near an east or west-facing window for best results. Aim to provide your African violet with at least 8 hours of sunlight a day. if the foliage begins to yellow and the plant seems to be reaching, it is probably not getting enough light. If the foliage begins to have brown spots or is curling, the plant may be receiving too much light.


FERTILIZER: For optimum plant health, fertilize with a fertilizer made specially for African violets. Usually an 8-14-9 analysis.


WATER: Allow the soil to slightly dry out between waterings for best results. Avoid getting water on the foliage. Water either from the bottom, by using a water tray in which the water can be seeped up, or directly on the soil. If water gets on the leaves it will usually leave white spots. Be sure to try and use room temperature or warm water instead of cold.


PLANT INFO: African violets like rich soil that has worm castings or compost in it. To encourage new blooms, pinch off dead blossoms and their stems.

African Violet Assorted, 4” Pot

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  • Each plant is unique! Actual plant may vary in size and shape.

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