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We warrant potted deciduous & evergreen plant material  classified as Zone 1-3 according to the USDA/ Agriculture Canada growing zones.


All sale, discount items, perennials & caliper trees do not carry a warranty.

NO WARRANTY will be issued prior to June 10th the following year. No in season warranty as warranty covers winter hardiness only.

Warranty holds no cash value.

 Mother Nature takes her time in spring as does each variety of plant. A spring season can be favourable for an early start but that does not mean your plants are.  This is out of our care & control and as a result, we ask that you be patient with your plants, providing them the time they require to naturally leaf out.

We will replace 50% of the value spent (before taxes) on the original purchase ONE TIME ONLY

Warranty material can be replaced with like plant material. 

For your warranty please dig up and bring in your tree or shrub along with your sales receipt.

We request your patience on all deciduous plants as they all leaf out at a different pace. Scratch a small patch of the bark off a lower branch, if it is green underneath this shows that your plant is still alive and will leaf out and thrive. DO NOT dig your plant out of the ground without being certain it is dead or before June 10th. Some shrubs are herbaceous, meaning they die back to the ground every year so they often require more time for their new growth to start emerging.

We reserve the right to refuse the warranty for:

• animal or human damage
• pests & diseases
• improper care, planting and watering practices
• unplanted material
• raised bed & container plantings
• plant material not planted with the recommended materials for success

The main reason zone hardy trees and shrubs fail to survive is human error...improper planting, under watering! Keep in mind you purchase your plant in good condition. We strive to ensure that all plants while at Alternative Choice Garden Centre are in good health and will continue to prosper given proper planting and care.

Please check with our staff for planting and proper maintenance. We will happily provide you with the tools for a successful garden; ultimately its up to you to properly plant and maintain your new trees & shrubs.

If you find yourself with out time and want a well maintained garden and yard please inquire about our Yard care options to suit your needs.


1. Be sure that your plant is well watered prior to planting
2. Dig a hole twice as big as the pot in depth and width, fill half way with water and allow to drain down
3. Back fill with a mixture of Sea Soil, peat moss and the top soil removed form the hole, add a handful of bone meal
4. Lay your plant on it’s side and roll the pot back and forth applying light pressure to loosen the root system
5. Carefully remove the plant out of the pot, lightly pull the root system on the sides and at the base so the roots will spread themselves out. Place plant into the hole. Back fill with the top soil you removed when digging the hole
6. Water your plant thoroughly, turn your hose on a small trickle and allow water to slowly absorb down. Keep in mind when watering; you want the moisture to reach the base of the root ball. Water every 2-3 days (weather dependant) after planting for the entire growing season
7. Large trees should be properly staked for the first couple of years, adjusting with growth
8. Second growing season start a regular fertilizing regime for strong, happy, healthy trees & shrubs

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