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Now you can make your V-shaped trough planter self-watering — and let it save you both time and water! Specially designed to fit the signature VegTrug™ shape, the reservoir has a fill tube with water level indicator at one end. Deep soil channels in the reservoir lid create an effective wick for optimum water delivery. Once installed, the reservoir reduces the frequency of watering plus, since water is drawn bottom up, prevents water loss due to surface evaporation.

VegTrug Classic Self Watering Kit, each

PriceFrom C$50.00
    • Innovative and simple reservoir to provide fuss free self watering
    • Water can be drawn up directly through the plant roots when required 
    • Eliminates the risk of over watering
    • Water level indicator to instantly show when it needs refilling 
    • Assembled with ease at home 
    • Compatible with the Classic VegTrug 
    • No fixings required
    • Manufactured from strong and durable plastic and is built to last

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