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Prepare to be amazed by this extraordinary sedum variety! SunSparkler Plum Dazzled stonecrop features an awe-inspiring color palette that is hard to come by in such a tough plant. Plum Dazzled shows off deep plum-purple foliage that adds color to gardens all season long. The vibrant raspberry-pink flowers bloom in summer to entice bees and butterflies from all around.

On top of its exceptional color, Plum Dazzled stonecrop is a hardy perennial that is drought-tolerant once established. It’s perfect for offering some unique foliage color in all kinds of landscapes, and can be used as a groundcover or border plant. Try it in a mass planting to create a wave of constant deep color.

Sedum Sunsparkler Plum Dazzled Stonecrop, 4.5" Pot

SKU: 347633173045

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