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Snake Plants, sansevieria, are one of our top plants of all time! This wondrous plant is perfect for beginners because it needs very little care. Snake Plants don’t need repotting for 3-4 years or until the plant cracks through its plastic grower pot. The biggest bonus of Snake Plants is that they release oxygen at night. By placing one in your bedroom, you’ll sleep better at night! To learn more about Snake Plants, read our blog post, or read on!

Water Snake plants should not be overwatered. In spring and summer, let the soil almost dry out before watering, then thoroughly soak it. In winter, watering once every month or two is generally sufficient. The lower the light intensity, the less watering they will require.

Fertilizer For optimum plant health, fertilize with an all-purpose houseplant food April through October, following label directions. For all other months, fertilize half as often.

Light An excellent choice for very low light, but can also be grown in moderate or bright light that will enhance the white/cream-colored streaks in its leaves.

Origin Madagascar.

Sansevieria Whale Fin Leopard Snake Plant, 8" Pot

SKU: 547665027008

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