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Limonium latifolium (sea lavender) is a member of the Plumbaginaceae family. It is easily recognized by its dense cloud-like sprays of minute lavender-blue flowers. Sea lavender flowers throughout the summer, reaching peak flowering around August and September.

Growing up to 2.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide, L. latifolium grows best in full sun and when planted in well-drained, slightly sandy soil. Sea lavender is grown primarily for its floral display; however, its large glossy green paddle-shaped basal rosette leaves form an attractive grown-cover from early spring until summer flowering.

Limonium latifolium Sea Lavender, 1gal Pot

SKU: 347631380001
  • Height: 18" -30"

    Width: 12" - 18"

    Sun: Full

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