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One week after transplant, add U-Cann™ Herb Thrive™ to give the soil the extra kick necessary to maximize plant performance during this vegetative stage. Simply work Herb Thrive™ into the soil surface, and natural soil processes will draw Herb Thrive™ down into the soil layers, where the roots will absorb its abundant nutrients.

U-Cann Herb Thrive 5-4-5 Fertilizer (2 Kg)

SKU: 0678662800315
  • Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

    • Total nitrogen (N):  5.00%
    • Water insoluble nitrogen: 2.50%
    • Water soluble nitrogen: 2.50%
    • Available phosphoric acid (P2O5): 4.00%
    • Soluble potash (K2O): 5.00%

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