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The practice of dry-brushing has been shown to improve appearance of your skin, increase blood circulation, smooth and exfoliate rough skin patches.


The benefits of dry brushing include:

* Dry brushing unclogs the skin’s pores while exfoliating.

* Increasing blood circulation and

* Promoting lymph flow/drainage

* Improved digestion

* Stimulates your nervous system, leaving you feeling invigorated *


* Work from your forehead, moving down toward your heart. * Always apply gentle pressure. * Start by brushing your forehead, from the bridge of your nose and toward your hairline. Repeat in the opposite direction on the other side of your face. *Moving toward your cheekbones, use gentle strokes down toward your chin. *Continue with your normal face cleansing routine and finish by applying your moisturizer.


Our brushes are made of bamboo and contain horse hair bristles. Size: 5cm long x 4cm wide

Facial Dry Brush, each

SKU: 896747837332

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