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1. Be sure that your container plant is well watered prior to planting 
2. Dig a hole twice as big as the pot in depth and width, fill the hole with water and allow to drain down 
3. Lay your plant on its side and roll the pot back and forth applying light pressure to loosen the root system, carefully wriggle your tree or shrub out of the pot. 

4. Lightly pull the root system on the sides and at the base so the roots will spread out and discourage girdling. 

5. Place the plant into the hole, adding bone meal against the root system. 

6. DO NOT plant too deep as this can cause premature death. Trees should be at the depth of their root collar (where the roots join the main stem or trunk). Should be flush or close to the ground level 

7. Back fill around your planting (a mixture of good topsoil removed from the hole and a 1/3 Sea Soil or peat moss) 
8. Water your plant thoroughly, turn your hose on a small trickle and allow water to slowly absorb down. Keep in mind when watering; you want the moisture to reach the base of the root ball. Water every 2-3 days (weather dependent) after planting for the entire growing season. 
9. Large trees should be properly staked for the first couple of years, adjusting ties with growth 
10. Second growing season start a regular fertilizing regime for strong, happy, and healthy trees & shrubs. Be sure to use the proper fertilizer for the proper plants. 

11. Keep weeds and grass free a minimum of 6”-10” circumference around planting. 

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