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To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Alternative Group wants to enhance our community by planting 25 trees for service groups, schools, or non profit organizations in Brandon.


Planting trees in our community will provide a lasting legacy and commitment to our community, and will provide shade and privacy, beauty and colour, create habitat for pollinators and birds and helps reduce the impacts of climate change.

We are now taking entries to help determine the best locations for these 25 trees, so that they may thrive for years to come. Please fill out all information on the entry form. If you need some help, please contact us. 

Winners will be selected and our crews will plant the trees in 2023. A place card celebrating our anniversary and listing our partners will also mark every tree. This great contest wouldn’t be possible without the support of Aubins Nursery and Accent Lettering and striping. 

A site visit may be required to determine if your location is suitable prior to announcement of winning entries. 

Deadline April 15, 2023. 

Winners announced May 1,2023. 

Entry Form

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